The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Seventeen

After entirely too long, I’ve resumed my playing of the third Phantasy Star game!

Being back on the first continent in the game, I wandered through a bunch of deserted villages, until coming upon the dungeon I escaped from way back at the game’s start. Within the confines of the dungeon, I came across Sari, Lena’s daughter. She had the Power Topaz…but wasn’t about to let me take it without a fight. Fortunately, I came prepared for this, and Sari and her army of robots fell quickly. After that, she, naturally, joined my party.

Sari has a huge amount of HP, 206. Her equipment at the onset was okay–mostly steel stuff–and she starts at level 1 with over 12000 EXP needed to get to level 2. Putting a Force Knife in her other hand made her a force (No pun intended) to be reckoned with.

At this point, I had a bit of an issue. I had the Power Topaz…and I had completely forgotten what to do with it since it had been so long since I last played the game. Making my way to Aridia, the pieces slowly began to come together. Making my way to the fourth continent and going down the Cape Dragon’s Spine–something I tried multiple times before, revealed a dragon that took me to Techna.

The game actually threw me something unexpected storyline-wise here, for possibly the first time. It turns out that, while I guessed Lyle was Layan, I did not guess that he could turn into a dragon–nor did I guess that he was the one who actually kidnapped Maia way back at the start of the game. I then was greeted with a bit more early-localization-effort translation, being told that “Lyle bid farewell to Lena and then he died.” Sure, game, sure.

Actually going into Techna, I found that it was an Orakian faction town, and that the cyborgs had taken over the castle. After purchasing a set of Laconian weapons for everyone who could use them (And a Pulse Cannon for Wren), I learned that the castle’s dungeon would take me to Satellite…and that Satellite was a place called Azura. I suppose this is supposed to be significant in some way. Either way, I feel like I’m close to the end of the second generation, but we’ll see.


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