This Is Your Monthly Update

So there!

It’s been a busy month in the Emptyeye household. The big news is that Mrs. Emptyeye and myself are now cat owners. Meet Mario the Cat. Mario is an 8-month old, 8.5 pound domestic long-haired feline. He is also very cute. He can do something wrong, like scratch at the couch, and then lay down and roll over and basically ask “Can I have some belly rubs because I am super-cute?”, and we (Especially I) pretty much have no choice but to go “Yes, you are super-cute; here, have some belly rubs.”

Other things of note are that I have participated, and will be participating, in a number of video game charity marathons. Recently, the main portion of the Hurricane Sandython finished up, and this upcoming weekend, I’ll be both playing and commentating in the Nintendo All-Stars Marathon. That should be an interesting experience, since I know very little about the games I’m covering during my commentary shift, other than Metroid Other M was pretty controversial for (Allegedly; I haven’t seen the game myself) breaking Samus’s character, and New Super Mario Bros. U is basically NSMBWii on steroids.

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