*Looks Around, Notes Neglect*


So you’ve probably noticed that my posting here has slowed down of late. This is basically my fault, and while I’d love to say that it’s because I’ve been busy–which is, to a degree true–the main truth of the matter is that I’m just lazy.

At some point during 2013, I plan to update the site’s theme and incorporate all of that fancy twitter and Facebook and what-have-you social media stuff people nowadays use. I also, frankly, need to update the theme just because–this one is five years old, and it shows in both the look of the site, plus the fact that my interests now have almost nothing to do with the banner on the top of the site currently.

I do have other projects I’m working on. I’ve been playing around with Gamemaker Studio, beginning to create a game that will, if all goes well, essentially be a remake of Kung Fu for the NES, only playing as Sylvia. It’s interesting learning what GM:S lets you do, and it’s definitely powerful enough for what I’m using it for. You can apparently use it to make 3D games if you know what you’re doing–which I don’t.

And of course, it’s time to get hype for Awesome Games Done Quick 2013. Mrs. Emptyeye and I will be playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii on Wednesday the 9th at about 3:45PM. Make sure to check that out, since it will either be an awesome run or the first real-life example of Divorce Done Quick.


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