2013 was not the best year, to say the least. As we start 2014, I am currently Unemployedeye, among other things.

I was never one for making resolutions. But with this being a year of big transition, I figure this is as good a year as any to do so.

So with that, my first resolution is to drop some weight. More specifically, I’d like to get down to the 147 pound range. That would be about 10 percent of my bodyweight lost, and I think 145-150 pounds is a good weight to be at 5-foot-4. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to put some muscle on too, making me even slimmer. Between tracking my calories on the Lose-It! app, and logging my exercise on Fitocracy, I have the framework to do this, now I just need the discipline.

My second resolution is something of a childish one, that being to play more games. All my life, I’ve loved video games, and I’ve lived long enough that, at this point, I have too many old games to go through to even worry about new ones. To that end, since I’ll be doing more streaming on the Rize Up Gaming Stream in 2014, I figure that’s a great time to try and knock out some of my backlog of games. Sometime soon, I’ll write up a post that will include the games I’ve beaten on-stream for the year. Currently, the only one I’ve done is Metroid, and even that was technically started last year. Hopefully the list will grow soon.

While I’m here, I should definitely make my third resolution to find a steady source of income. Ideally, that would be either similar to my previous position, or streaming full-time, and I know the odds are long on the second one. Still, since I’ll have free time after polishing up my resume (One of the steps that the management company I’m working with has you do is basically improve your resume before you send it anywhere), I’ll be streaming more too, so we’ll see where that goes.

I will say I’d also like to do more creative things, be they writing, game creation, music, or something else. Who knows what form, if any, that creativity will ultimately take though.


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