State of the Emptyeye for January

So I should use this “blog” thing I have more often. Since I made a Resolutions Post early in January, let’s see how I’ve done with those so far!

Lose Some Weight: This is generally going pretty well–though my rate of weight loss has slowed down, I’m a little over halfway to my weighing-147-pound goal (At last weigh-in, I was 154). My clothes feel looser, and I’m actually wearing stuff that isn’t t-shirts and sweatpants more often when I go out and about. Self-Respect! It’s a thing!

Play More Games: So far, so good I guess. I started a Games I Beat In 2014 series, which got off to a blistering start. Things have since slowed down a bit, what with my next game in the series being Final Fantasy II, one of the most forgotten games in the series (In the US anyway). I am playing the Dawn of Souls version, which makes things quite a bit easier, in part by giving out “charity HP ups” every so often. I’m confident I’ll beat it eventually, and then the pace may pick up again depending on what I pick up next.

Get A Steady Source of Income: Um…I doubt “severance and/or unemployment” really count for purposes of this discussion. I am getting more phone interviews and whatnot, but a personal interview or two, but so far, nothing that’s led to a solid position. I do have two more months of severance, so I’m not panicking yet, although that may change shortly.

Overall, I’m doing okay.


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