State of the Emptyeye- February/Early March

Let’s check in with how I’ve been doing of late, shall we?

The Games I Beat In 2014 series continues to grow. It now has 17 entries, six of which are games I had never beaten before. The most recent (As of this writing) in the series, Metroid Fusion, was a fun, expected entry that I may pick up and speedrun at some point. I’ve now written over 10000 words in the series to this point, and hopefully I can keep up that pace through the entire year. After that, I may see about collecting them into an E-Book of some kind, particularly if I can keep that pace up.

On the weight loss front, the pace of my losing weight has slowed, but I am still continuing to do so. At last weigh-in, I was 150.8, down about three pounds from the last time I checked in here. Weighing as much as I did in college is a little weird, although I still have four pounds or so more to lose. That would put me at what I think is a healthy weight for my size, even if the ridiculous Body Mass Index would put me slightly overweight.

The big news is that I once again have a job. Not only that, I’ll be returning to the place I worked, with the same title in a different department. This new job, from what I can tell, will entail a lot more responsibility for a lot of different systems/programs. I’ll be working close (Location-wise) to my old department, too. Suffice to say that this new position will be a challenge, but it should be fun too.

Oh, and I managed to do this. I now have the Metroid II 100% world record by about a minute and fifteen seconds.

Suffice to say I’m in a much better place than a month ago.

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