Vote on the 9/13 Suffering Saturday!

First off, thanks to everyone who’s been voting so far. The voting totals are climbing, which makes me happy. We broke 60 votes for the first time with this past poll!

This past week, I managed, with many continues, to defeat 3-D Worldrunner. I then beat it twice more instantly. So that means a new game gets swapped into the Suffering Saturday poll rotation (If you’re curious, I got to race 5 of 8 in Rad Racer with the rest of the time I had.)

Joining Snake Rattle N’ Roll and Rad Racer is our first Game Boy game, Cosmo Tank! Check out a brief gameplay primer here, but Cosmo Tank is a genre-blending game by Atlus that combines overhead and first-person tank action. You’re trying to save a solar system from some evil aliens, or something (It’s been a long time since I played it). Similar to Blaster Master, it really needed some kind of save system; starting over from the beginning every time was not fun.

In any event! Choose my fate!

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