Vote on the 9/20 Suffering Saturday!

With another week of suffering came another game defeated. I managed to get through all of Snake Rattle ‘N Roll, so that means it’s time for another game to take its place in the poll.

Joining Cosmo Tank and Rad Racer as your voting options this week is our first Genesis game. That’s right, it’s Flipper for my generation, Ecco the Dolphin! If you weren’t a Genesis kid, click here for a gameplay primer. Ecco the Dolphin involves aliens, time travel, and most infamously (And the main reason it’s a Suffering Saturday candidate), a five-minute-long autoscroller named after a Pink Floyd song that you have to re-do if you die on the final boss.

Anyway, I have a feeling I already know what’s going to win, but it’s not up to me. Choose my fate!

[poll id=”11″]

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