The 10/25 Suffering Saturday Game: Legend of the Mystical Ninja!

This past Saturday, after 4 and a half hours or so, I successfully defeated Vectorman. I’ll eventually write about it for Games I Beat In 2014, but for now it’ll suffice to say I enjoyed it more than I would, given how it started, and given I was apparently playing it wrong the whole time.

In any event, because last week’s poll was so close, in lieu of a poll this week, I’m simply going to make the 10/25 game Legend of the Mystical Ninja. This is a game I never beat as a kid, although “punishing of mistakes” is probably a more accurate descriptor than “hard” per se. In any event, it’s a fun game, and it should be enjoyable for everyone, myself included. Tune into my stream on the 25th at noon EDT to see how I do!


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