Vote On the 2/7 Suffering Saturday!


After some time off for the holidays and AGDQ, Suffering Saturday is making a comeback! In order to give people time to get pumped for it, instead of closing the poll the day of the stream, I’m going to close it the week before. That means I have a game planned for this upcoming Saturday. That game will be Iron Tank, which purports to take place during the invasion of Normandy in World War II. Gameplay-wise, it’s basically if you took the parts of Ikari Warriors that take place in a tank, made it not terrible, and then expanded it to a full game.

Replacing it in the poll for the 2/7 Suffering Saturday are three games we’ve seen before, plus a pesky newcomer. I’m bending the rules a bit for this entry, because I’ve actually beaten it before, and I also got a head start on any hypothetical playthrough of it yesterday. Lagoon is a SNES game that became a giant meme on SDA about four years back. While it has some amusing elements, I never agreed with the memetic assessment of the game as “So bad it’s hilarious”–it’s either not all that bad, or not all that good in an entirely generic and forgettable manner depending on my mood.

Either way, though, you may feel differently. Vote vote vote!


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