State of the Emptyeye- December 2017

About a month and a half ago, I wrote that I wanted to change some stuff about my life. Six or so weeks later, how am I doing? Let’s find out!

Physical Fitness– This is going pretty well. It’s actually been a bit longer than 2 months since I realized I needed to lose some weight, but as of right now, I’m down about 7 pounds (6.6, specifically–from 159.6 to 153) from that point, about halfway to where I want to be weight-wise. I’ve also been going to the gym pretty consistently four times a week–an arm day, a back day, a leg day, and a cardio day.

As far as drinking soda goes, I’m doing better than I was, although not great. I’m averaging about 5 and a half diet sodas of various kinds a week, which is a lot better than the multiple cans of soda a day I had been drinking, although it’s probably still too much in terms of “crap I’m putting in my body”. From a bit of research, it looks like the jury is still kind of out on whether diet soda contributes to diabetes due to the studies about it being flawed (In short, they don’t know if the people who drank diet soda and got pre-diabetic drank regular soda for years upon years before the study or not), but it’s probably doing me good to put less artifical sugars/etc. in me.

In place of the soda, I’ve been drinking more coffee, and fat-burning protein shakes (Which have some caffeine in them). I generally drink two cups of coffee a day–one either regular or a half-caf (Regular and decaf blend) in the morning, then a cup of decaf in the afternoon. I’m not trying to cut out caffeine from my diet altogether, but I also don’t want to overload myself with it like I had been doing.

General Betterment– I’ve read a few books, which you can see reflected in the last several posts I’ve made here. I’m currently working my way through Managing for People Who Hate Managing, trying to actually do some of the exercises in it (Unlike with First Things First), which makes it a bit slower going. The writing in it is actually pretty snappy; in terms of the style, it might be my favorite of the books in the Humble Bundle I got it from so far.

Weaning Myself Off of Twitch– Okay, this hasn’t been going so well. This is part of a more general problem, though, basically boiling down to “Once I get home from work and the gym, I don’t generally want to do anything, and watching Twitch streams is my way of unwinding”. I do want to at least try and improve in this regard, I swear!

Doing More Creative Stuff– Related to the above, this actually isn’t going great either. Hopefully the next two weeks will be fruitful in this regard.

And I think that’s about it for now.

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