State of the Emptyeye- February 2018

It’s been about two months since my last personal update about trying to improve myself. How have I done since then? Here we go!

Physical Fitness: After a bit of fluctuation, I’m down another three pounds, to 150 even as of the last time I weighed myself (Monday morning). I struggled with this a bit, with New England weather combining with my work schedule to knock me off the gym train for a bit (The New Year’s Resolution Crush making it so I could barely find parking at the gym after work didn’t help either). But I’m back to 4 times a week now, and indeed, got back from the gym about an hour ago as I’m writing this. I’ll put some pictures at the bottom of this. I’m not sure you can really see the progress from them, but trust me, I’m slimmer and feel better than four months ago.

The drinking-less-soda thing…has not gone well of late, though I’m doing a bit better with it the last couple weeks. Since I started tracking my diet soda consumption, I’m at about 9 per week overall (Worse than two months ago, though still an improvement from when my doctor first told me to stop drinking so much), with an even 10.5 per week over the last month (1.5 cans/day). Part of this was due to work stuff, which I’ll get into in the next section. But suffice to say that it was stressful for awhile, which caused me to not care so much what I was drinking. I’ve taken to drinking a lot more decaf coffee over the last couple months, but I want to rein that in as well.

General Betterment: This is actually going quite well. For one, I’ve stepped up a bit at my primary job, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. I’m trying to keep that up by volunteering to take over supporting some applications, and indeed, I was forced into quickly becoming an expert on one particular application thanks to a vendor change that shouldn’t have gone into production but did. Everyone seems to agree that I did pretty well in handling that, though I’m not sure that I actually did.

In addition, I’ve continued reading various self-improvement books, and have also been listening to stuff from Youtube while I work (Primarily Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn–the latter in particular has a grandfather-like quality to his voice that’s simultaneously relaxing and motivating). It sounds weird, but it really is helping, and I’ve started trying various tricks and techniques to be more productive around the condo and away from work as well.

Weaning Myself Off of Twitch: Well, considering I’m listening to Lord BBH as I write this… Related to the previous paragraph, though, one thing I’m finding is that I can step away from my computer post-work a bit more easily, thanks in part to basically tricking myself into doing so. Essentially, if I have something productive I need to do around the condo, I set an alarm on my phone to force myself to get up and do it for an hour or so. It’s weird, maybe a little childish…but it works, and I find I even start on the task before the alarm actually goes off (In part because it’s better than “dreading” the alarm going off).

General Creative Stuff: I’ve made more posts here of late. That counts for something, right? OoB Glitchless is something I do want to get back to, so I wonder if I can use my “force myself to be productive” trick toward that end. I’ll have to try it sometime.


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