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Musical Doodlings of a College Kid

Okay, I was prepared to say something to the effect of “Don’t download this stuff, it’s horrible, but it’s here as a document of where I’ve been musically if nothing else.” Indeed, I was dreading the prospect of re-listening to these songs for the first time in years (In most cases). I eventually summoned up the will, preparing to lock myself into a cringing position for the duration.

Then I actually listened. And I was surprised–pleasantly so.

There are some caveats. From a production standpoint, I had no idea what I was doing on pretty much all of these songs; additionally, I was severely limited equipment-wise–both of these facts become readily apparent when you listen to the results. Also, my voice has traditionally been a source of self-loathing–it’s not that I’m a bad singer per se, but perhaps this anecdote from high school will explain my self-consciousness:

My first session of chorus, which was freshman only, myself and the other first-year choral members were tested to see which parts our voices would fit into. I wound up in the bass section (It was a Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass chorus). My choir teacher, Mrs. Gustafson (A great teacher, by the way..she’s now retired) addressed the males as a group: “You, you and you are all tenors. You, you and you are all basses. I’ll probably have to re-test you all at some point.”

She then singled me out. “EXCEPT for you. You’re DEFINITELY a bass!”

This is not to say that she made the wrong call my any means (Though as mentioned, it was an SATB chorus. In hindsight, my vocal range would probably be more accurately described as a low baritone than a full-fledged bass per se). Rather, it was to illustrate that I sound great in a choral setting. I don’t sound nearly as great in a lead setting, at least in my own estimation. Anyway, the point of that ramble was that, while there are some self confidence issues evident in the vocal recordings, I’m actually a pretty decent singer, especially within a baritone range. And conceptually, there is in my humble mind some good stuff musically, even if my execution of the idea didn’t quite work most of the time due to limited equipment/knowledge.

Regardless of what I think about these recordings, though, here they are, with the stories behind them and the lyrics (Where applicable). The collection as a whole is titled what it is because I think it’s pretty accurate–I was in college when I wrote and recorded all of these (Though technically, I was on medical leave from July 2004 to August 2005–a minor detail in the grand scheme of things) The directions to obtain the songs should be pretty self-explanatory. The tables are in alphabetical as opposed to chronological order. Enjoy.


The Originals

1. Augmented Sludge Download Story Lyrics
2. Fundamentally Wrong Download Story Lyrics
3. Journey to Acceptance Download Story Lyrics
4. Song for a Bishop Download Story N/A
5. Swerve! Download Story Lyrics
6. Time Marches On Download Story Lyrics
7. u1tr4 br00t4l m3t41 50n6 Download Story Lyrics

The Dwelling of Duels Entries

1. All Your Bass Download Story Lyrics
2. Bass One Download Story N/A
3. Bassic Training Download Story Lyrics
4. Captain SR406 Download Story Lyrics
5. Color Our Time Bomb Blackened Download Story N/A
6. DRAKHAN WARRIOR Download Story Lyrics
7. Fight! Fight! Fight! Download Story Lyrics
8. Four Notes of DOOM Download Story N/A
9. Harlem Castle Download Story N/A
10. The Aborted Gargantua Download Story N/A
11. Theme and Variations on Apathetic Story Download Story N/A
12. This Dark World (“The Lost DoD Entry”) Download Story N/A

All Your Bass

Download “All Your Bass” Story From a production standpoint, this is probably my finest work, and you need headphones to really get the full effect. This was an alternate entry for February 2005’s Shooter Games DoD, mainly because I couldn’t bring it to the minimum required length for a main entry (2 minutes). In any …

Augmented Sludge

Download “Augmented Sludge” Story Musically, the song is very simple: What amounts to straight minor chords, going up in a somewhat weird scale (Major scale with a raised fourth), hence the song’s title. The riff seemed very dream-like to me, so I wrote lyrics that convey being in a dream-like state, and slowly rising and …

Bass One

Download “Bass One” Story This was part of what someone derisively termed the “Kraid Explosion” that resulted from January 2005’s Metroid month at DoD. The title comes from the fact that Kraid resides in what was known as “Base I” in the Metroid universe, and was one of a series of bass-related pun titles I …

Bassic Training

Download “Bassic Training” Story This was my entry for the Military Games Month DoD in August of 2004. From an absolute position standpoint, it was my highest-placing entry, taking fourth place out of seven competitors (For some context as to how far DoD itself has grown in three-plus years, seven entries was a pretty average …

Captain SR406

Download “Captain SR406” Story This was my DoD entry for March of 2005. It’s part of the Story Mode ending theme from F-Zero GX. The song itself is gloriously cheesy, which is part of why I chose to cover it for this particular free month. Other notes: I had to really stretch for a bass …

Color Our Time Bomb Blackened

Download “Color Our Time Bomb Blackened” Story I did everything I could to get myself sued by Lars Ulrich, from the title to the beginning of this song. He didn’t bite. Despite being my longest DoD entry to date (This one being for September 2004’s Free Month, and clocking in at a bit over six …


Download “DRAKHAN WARRIOR” Story If you know me at all, you already know what you’re in for before you download this. Without a doubt, William Shatner’s scream of “KHAAAAAAAAN!!” from Star Trek II is the perfect summary of his 40-plus year acting career. What if this scream were pitch-shifted in various ways and used as …

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Download “Fight! Fight! Fight!” Story This was my entry for July 2005’s special Joke Contest for DoD. The music is the “death theme” from Rygar. If memory serves, Shizzie PingoSimon suggested that someone should cover the death theme from the game, so I did, setting to it some deep, symbolic lyrics that would put Maynard …

Four Notes of DOOM

Download “Four Notes of DOOM” Story This was an entry for the DoD Sept/Oct 2005 free month. I wanted to try something different from a musical standpoint, so I took the Dorago’s Palace theme from Rygar (Which consists of four notes repeated over and over) and attempted to stretch it out to 2 minutes by …

Fundamentally Wrong

Download “Fundamentally Wrong” Story As far as the lyrics are concerned, the song is basically a different take on the generic “Religion sucks” angle. Unlike almost everyone I know who went to a Catholic school, I don’t believe religion is inherently evil. I don’t even believe Catholicism is inherently evil. However, within Catholicism (And any …

Harlem Castle

Download “Harlem Castle” Story This is my one-and-only collaboration for DoD, a collaboration with saxophonist Koelsch1. As a result, I had basically no control over this song except for the bass playing (Where, if memory serves, I was given carte blanche as long as it sounded good). This, along with “DRAKHAN WARRIOR“, was for April …

Journey to Acceptance

Download “Journey to Acceptance” Story In my own estimation, this is probably the worst of the originals where I wasn’t intentionally trying to be as awful as possible (A la “u1tr4 br00t41 m3t41 50n6”). Other than the 15/8 in the verse sections, there’s not much here particularly inspired musically. I do recall attempting to effectively …

Song for a Bishop

Download “Song for a Bishop” Story Title-wise, this is probably the most interesting story for a song, despite its lack of lyrics. I frequent the Minibosses message board, and another regular there is a person who goes by the alias MetalBishop. In short, someone posted a topic saying that he had died, and we mourned …


Download “Swerve!” Story This is one of those times where I had a grand concept and never finished it. My description of the concept from late August 2005: “Anyway, a bit about the song: It started off as an idea called “Sell 5 Million Copies of Your Album in One Easy Step”, and was basically …

The Aborted Gargantua

Download “The Aborted Gargantua” Story Over its existence, Dwelling of Duels has given rise to several epic-length medleys of video game songs–the most well-known probably being Virt’s “Crystal Flash“. This was the early stages of my attempt at an epic-length composition of my own–for various reasons, I gave up long before I got to that …

Theme and Variations on Apathetic Story

Download “Theme and Variations on Apathetic Story” Story This was my very first entry into DoD, coming in the May/June 2005 free period (The very first free period in DoD’s history). Still being in school, and eager to apply the knowledge earned from obtaining a minor in Music, I decided to do a Theme and …

This Dark World (“The Lost DoD Entry”)

Download “This Dark World (‘The Lost DoD Entry’)” Story Technically, the subtitle of this song is incorrect–it is neither lost (I knew where it was the whole time, anyway…), nor is it a DoD entry. The full story is that July of 2004 was Zelda month for DoD. So I started recording this song intending …

Time Marches On

Download “Time Marches On” The music to this song came about as I was playing around on my at-the-time (Early January 2004 maybe) new Christmas present, an Ovation acoustic guitar. As a result of this new present, I went through a brief acoustic phase during which I wrote this song. I honestly don’t remember the …

u1tr4 br00t41 m3t41 50n6

Download “u1tr4 br00t41 m3t41 50n6” Story This song isn’t really “about” anything. More than anything else, it’s a parody of some of the ultra-heavy forms of metal whose names I don’t know because I’m not a member “of the scene”. Fans of these various genres will tell you that the music is very technically demanding, …

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