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Bass One

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This was part of what someone derisively termed the “Kraid Explosion” that resulted from January 2005’s Metroid month at DoD. The title comes from the fact that Kraid resides in what was known as “Base I” in the Metroid universe, and was one of a series of bass-related pun titles I used in DoD entries.
Other notes:

  • As with all the bass-related pun-titled songs, this song’s instrumentation is entirely bass guitar
  • Even at the slowed down tempo, I couldn’t properly do the pseudo-arpeggio runs in the middle of the song and had to leave some notes out. Part of this was due to running out of room for more strings and having to transpose parts of the runs down an octave
  • Note the brief detour into Wizards & Warriors from 1:58 to 2:07. Note in particular how the arrangement as a whole sounds like a band of drunks who can’t hold a rhythm together for those ten seconds. Oops.

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