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Bassic Training

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This was my entry for the Military Games Month DoD in August of 2004. From an absolute position standpoint, it was my highest-placing entry, taking fourth place out of seven competitors (For some context as to how far DoD itself has grown in three-plus years, seven entries was a pretty average month for the time. Now, that number would be seen as pathetically small). The song itself comes from the NES port of the game Rush’N Attack (Itself a groan-worthy pun, given the made was released in the late 80s when the Cold War with the Russians–get it yet?–was still very much in effect), which I view as a sort of predecessor to Contra.
Other interesting stuff:

  • The song was the first of my DoD entries to feature a bass-related pun in the title
  • As with Bass One, I left notes out of some sections. You probably won’t even know the difference.
  • This was my first official DoD entry that the instrumentation was entirely bass guitar
  • The spoken intro–“Beware the soldier who both rushes and attacks”–was me attempting to salvage two measures of empty space I had inadvertantly created. I wanted to replicate the “start of level” siren sound effect from the game, but couldn’t make it sound right on bass. So I took it out. Then I didn’t have an easy way to move everything else back two measures, so I filled it in with the intro


Beware the soldier who both rushes and attacks.

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