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Captain SR406

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This was my DoD entry for March of 2005. It’s part of the Story Mode ending theme from F-Zero GX. The song itself is gloriously cheesy, which is part of why I chose to cover it for this particular free month.
Other notes:

  • I had to really stretch for a bass pun this time out. Captain Falcon is the main character of the F-Zero series of games. “SR406” is the model number of my bass guitar. Yeah.
  • The non-vocal instrumentation is, as you might expect, all bass.
  • My tone choice caused some friction on the Minibosses message board (Where the DoD competition originated). In particular, forum regular Mig-50 was having a bad month that month and ripped into pretty much every entry that month, singling out mine for its “terrible guitar tone”. This led to a brief back and forth exchange of approximately “Sorry you can’t come up with decent tone to save your life.” “Don’t apologize, I’m just sorry you can’t tell the difference between a guitar and a bass.” For the record, Mig is actually a pretty cool guy when you meet him.
  • Vocal-wise, this song has the highest notes that I actually sing (As opposed to speaking, as in the CAPTAIN parts of “All Your Bass”). On the “Al” of “Always” (Both times), as well as on the “Falcon” in “Three cheers for the Falcon”, I manage to open voice a G (Barely), and in the second half of the song, I repeatedly hit a B flat on “Zero” in the falsetto harmony parts.
  • I keep the chord structure, but dispense with the specifics of the arrangement of the original instrumentation almost entirely, particularly in the second half of the song.


Why is it so many stars shine far away
While there’s only one that determines the day
On Earth it’s the very same tale
We drink from one well, a common lifespring

Captain Falcon will always prevail
Sending the forces of darkness running

When myopic confusion threatens your lunch
Falcon will be unleashing a Falcon Punch
Thank Heaven he’s on the right side
Or else there’d be nowhere to hide

Captain Falcon will always be found
Hot on the trail, tracking rogues down

Give it up for the Capitan
Three cheers for the Falcon

He’s going on the rack, F-Zero
Multitracking hero
Fast attack, F-Zero
Cracker Jack, F-Zero
On the gates, F-Zero
Style and grace, F-Zero

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