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If you know me at all, you already know what you’re in for before you download this. Without a doubt, William Shatner’s scream of “KHAAAAAAAAN!!” from Star Trek II is the perfect summary of his 40-plus year acting career. What if this scream were pitch-shifted in various ways and used as the melody to a video game theme? The results are here.
Other stuff:

  • This was my joke entry for April of 2005’s DoD. The theme was Dragon Warrior/Quest games. The “background music” as it were is the first Overworld theme from Dragon Warrior II.
  • The “KHAAAAAAAN”s aren’t saturated quite as thickly as they could be throughout the song. DoD has a rule that says the main instrument must be played “live” (IE a guitar, bass, etc). I was pretty sure a pitch-shifted Shatner didn’t count as a live instrument, so I laid off a bit at various times to prove that yes, there is bass in the song, and it’s further the main instrument (As it does also play the melody to the song even in the parts where Shatner is taking a rest.). I’m not sure if then-DoD-ruler BornInCrimson ever truly accepted this explanation, but the song was available to download that month, so…


(The lyrics consist entirely of William Shatner screaming “KHAAAAAAAAAAN!!” with the pitch adjusted as necessary to match the melody of the song)

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