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Song for a Bishop

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Title-wise, this is probably the most interesting story for a song, despite its lack of lyrics. I frequent the Minibosses message board, and another regular there is a person who goes by the alias MetalBishop. In short, someone posted a topic saying that he had died, and we mourned his death. I had been playing around with the intro to this song for awhile, and expanded it somewhat into what you hear here, calling it “Song for a Bishop” in tribute to our fallen Bossie.

A few weeks later came a post titled “NOT EVEN )*&^*^) FUNNY!!!!! with a subtitle of “IM[sic] NOT DEAD!!!!!!” It was MetalBishop! The tale he told was that someone had in fact made an attempt on his life, and he had run off. The person who had his computer somehow got into his password and went through the elaborate process of faking his death. Truly weird stuff. The motto of the board is “Minibossies nevar say die!”, and it was certainly true here. It should be noted that this spawned a bit of a miniature running joke on the board–whenever he would disappear for long periods of time, someone would write something to the effect of “Dammit, is MetalBishop dead again?”

Musically, there’s not really a whole lot to note here, other than it’s short. I managed to resist my prog-rock tendencies in writing this (In short: If the song isn’t long enough, make it longer. If the song is long enough, make it longer. If the song is too long, make it longer.), and cut it off just shy of two minutes, as I simply wasn’t able to come up with anything else that would fit. Oh, and the instrumentation is entirely bass guitar too.

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