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The Aborted Gargantua

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Over its existence, Dwelling of Duels has given rise to several epic-length medleys of video game songs–the most well-known probably being Virt’s “Crystal Flash“. This was the early stages of my attempt at an epic-length composition of my own–for various reasons, I gave up long before I got to that stage. This was entered in June 2005’s free month of DoD, and the music comes from the game Battletoads, which for better or worse is known as my trademark game on The Shizz, as I had done some walkthrough videos showing how to get through the game (I also have some speedruns of the game), which is generally considered close to impossible to actually beat for one reason or another.
Anyway, this song covers the Title Screen theme and Level 1 from the game. The name comes from the fact that I gave up the concept of the epic medley long before finishing it (Aborted), as well as the name of the ship that the main villain of the game, The Dark Queen, owns (The Gargantua).

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