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The Six Day Exile

In April of 2008, I have a block of six days where I’m not working, and that further, I’ll be completely alone in the house. In those six days, I hope to rerecord (And hopefully mix and master) the songs that are linked to this page. These re-recorded songs will become my first sellable album, The Six Day Exile (So named for the six days I’ll have to record it).

So what’s this page then? Before I explain, let me talk a bit about the music industry in general.

The music industry is very backwards. And I’m not even talking about the RIAA’s resistance to file-sharing, their suing of pre-teen girls and grandmothers who likely don’t even know what an MP3 is. No, what I mean is that most other industries are “Try before you buy”–you can test drive a car before you buy it, look at a furniture set and at least have an idea how it might look in your house, and so on. The music industry, in contrast, is modeled on “buy before you try”.

Without getting into the silliness and uniqueness of this model–you can argue that the video game industry operates on a similar model, but they’re really the only two industries I can think of that operate this way–this presents a dilemma for those that don’t function as nameless cogs in the massive Industry Conglomerate. Namely, how does a musician or a band make an audience at large aware of its music, while at the same time giving them an incentive to buy a CD?

My own solution to this problem is the page you see here. In short, these MP3s are..well, MP3s for one, which DO have a (Slight) loss in quality from the original recordings. More importantly, though, they can best be described as “unproduced”. That is, I tried to make sure that no one thing overpowers anything else (And I didn’t really do that in places either). Other than that, though, these are very unpolished. In short, I’m hoping you’ll like what’s here enough that you’ll eventually pay money for re-recorded, more polished/produced/etc versions of them. We’ll see if it succeeds in a year or so, I guess. You can download the songs below, as well as getting their stories.

The Songs

1. Intro Download Story Lyrics
2. Epic Failure Download (The Clean Guitar Mix) Story Lyrics
3. Arrowsmash Download Story Lyrics
4. Low-Frequency Autoeroticism Download Story N/A
5. Tuition Madness Download Story Lyrics
6. The Secret Download Story Lyrics
7. The Forbidden Library Download Story Lyrics
8. On a Cloudy Monday Download (The Alternate Second Verse) Story Lyrics
9. Liberation Download Story Lyrics
10. 7-11 Download Story Lyrics


Download “7-11” Story March 19, 2008- “Epic Failure“‘s reign as my longest work was a short one, as this song clocks in at a fit and trim 7 minutes and 41 seconds. I wrote the lyrics back in 2005, when Jack Thompson was getting mainstream attention (And before he proved that he was rapidly losing …


Download “Arrowsmash” Story The first “new” song that I’m actually confident enough in the recording to release is…irreverent, to say the least. In short, it’s a death metal song about arrowsmashing, which is a slang term for playing games like Dance Dance Revolution and In the Groove. So what’s going on in the song is …

Epic Failure

Download “Epic Failure” Download the Clean Guitar Mix Story March 13, 2008- The songs I’ve uploaded for The Six Day Exile have thus far been relatively short, with the exception of “Low-Frequency Autoeroticism” (Which has somehow failed to yield the number of X-rated searches leading to this site I expected). That trend ends now. I …


Download “Intro” Story April 6, 2008- There’s really not very much of a story to this. It’s just a silly little intro to the album. For the bass line, I was trying to replicate the feel of those Enzyte commercials that had the whistled 8-bar repeating loop behind them. For the final mix, I’ll be …


Download “Liberation” Story To be honest, I don’t remember a whole lot about writing this song, being as most of it came to me several years ago. I do know that I wrote it during that “Shiny new toy!” phase of first having my acoustic guitar, and I also know that lyrically, the song is …

Low-Frequency Autoeroticism

Download “Low-Frequency Autoeroticism” Story What happens when you have a bass player who decides a five-minute-long bass solo would be a good idea, and has no voice of reason (IE other band members) to tell him otherwise? Well, this. I recorded the whole thing in one long, rather quiet take. As such, it’s not quite …

On a Cloudy Monday

Download “On a Cloudy Monday” Download the Alternate Second Verse Story Authors will tell you that, in the course of writing a story, characters will sometimes take on lives of their own, doing things that the author never intended. This song was the musical version of that for me (As an example, the “…with somewhere …

The Forbidden Library

Download “The Forbidden Library” Story April 6, 2008- This is very much my contribution to the sort of fantasy/sci-fi genre of lyric matter that you see out of a lot of power metal bands. Except this isn’t really a pwoer metal type of song at all, being that I very much lack the guitar skill …

The Secret

Download “The Secret” Story Regular visitors to know that awhile back I read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, essentially in preparation for writing this song. This is the song that resulted. It’s very much in the style of Bad Religion, and at a mere 2 and a half minutes (For now, anyway), it shows that …

Tuition Madness

Download “Tuition Madness” Story Although this is the sixth song to go up in The Six Day Exile section of the site, it was actually the first song I wrote for the project, back when I envisioned it as a simple one-bass one-vocal project late last year. The scope of the album instrument-wise has branched …

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