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April 6, 2008- There’s really not very much of a story to this. It’s just a silly little intro to the album. For the bass line, I was trying to replicate the feel of those Enzyte commercials that had the whistled 8-bar repeating loop behind them. For the final mix, I’ll be bringing the vocals much more in line with the bass. This was my first attempt at recording vocals with the Echo Indigo and my preamp at the same time. Actually getting vocals up to a decent level with this combination is something of a challenge, but I’ll get it eventually.


Oh hello there. Welcome to the album. Thanks for pushing play. You’re probably sitting there wondering why I’m lecturing you instead of just getting to the stupid album already. I just wanted to tell you the original idea I had for the intro to this album. It was really a horrifically lame and unfunny idea even when I thought of it, let alone in the eight months that have passed between then and now. And…without getting super into the gritty details of it, suffice to say that it combined early commercials–you know, “I’m thinking of a number…”–with the now infamous Over 9000 scene from the first English dub of Dragon Ball Z. ……yeeeeeeah. Let’s just all be glad I didn’t decide to go with that for an intro. Anyway, glad you’re still here, and enjoy the album!

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