Sylvia’s Excellent Time Usurping Pugilists (S.E.T.U.P.)

Sylvia’s Excellent Time Usurping Pugilists, or S.E.T.U.P, is a game based on Kung Fu. Sylvia, Taekwondo master and wife of A-Kung-Fu-Master-Thomas, has been kidnapped for the umpteenth time by Mr. X, a rival of A-Kung-Fu-Master-Thomas and owner of the Mr. X Cake Company. Tired of waiting to be rescued–again–Sylvia takes stock of her situation and realizes that, while her upper body is bound, nothing is actually holding her to the chair on which she sits.

Taking matters into her own hands, Sylvia decides to pick herself off the chair and fight her way out of Mr. X’s Kung Fu Temple. Not being able to use her arms is a minor setback; as a Taekwondo master, her legs, and your help, are the only thing she needs to save herself.

To give you an idea of how long ago I started this, the last edit to this page before now (September 2016) was in February of 2013, and I’m pretty sure I started the development sometime in 2012. The title was in part a Games Done Quick in-joke–“Setup Blocks” were still kind of a new thing on the schedule, and Mike Uyama would give them wacky titles as though they were actual games. At the time, I thought it would be amusing to create an actual game called “Setup” and try to get it into a GDQ (This game would have no chance of making it now, but I think it could have ~4 years ago had I actually finished its development in a timely fashion).

With the recent Humble Gamemaker Bundle, plus the fact I have some other game ideas swirling around in my head that I want to try to get out, I figured now was a good time to see if I could do so, as well as a good time to get my first attempt into a “finished enough” state.

I say “finished enough” because there were some things I wanted to implement, but never got around to doing so. You can see some of these scraps in the Gamemaker Project file.

Windows users can download the latest version and any previous versions below.

The .exe file

The Gamemaker Project file. This was built using Gamemaker Studio 1.4.1760.

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