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It’s Shameless Promotion Time!

I’m excited! This is because I can now officially really start promoting the Speed Demos Archive Charity Marathon! I’ve mentioned it before, but I can finally give you most of the details both relating to me specifically and the marathon in general. The theme is “Classic Video Games” focusing on the NES, SNES and Genesis. …

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A Quick Update

For those of you who actually live near me, Fables Comics has a deal for the month of March where you get 25% off of collections/trades. I found this out randomly yesterday after buying Batman in the Seventies and the owner was nice enough to give me the deal anyway. Pretty cool. Oh, and did …

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CD Review: Kareshi- Mystic Awakening: Music of Final Fantasy VI

The name Daniel “Kareshi” Brown should be a familiar one to regular emptyeye.com visitors. If you need a primer, click here for all the posts in which he’s mentioned on the site. Anyway, the NES gamer and piano player extraordinaire has released his first CD, titled Mystic Awakening: Music of Final Fantasy VI. As you …

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