The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Six

My second attempt to explore the tower mentioned in the previous entry got me no cool equipment, nor anything immediately useful. I did find a couple Trimates (Phantasy Star’s equivalent of Final Fantasy’s X-Potion…basically an item that restores a party member to full health), and the second floor of the tower did have a satellite control system that I have a feeling will be useful someday.

Now I’m in a fountain.

Let me explain…the next portion of the game actually features two villages. One is an Orakian village with the typical music. The second, however, had a much more tribal music, and something else: Layans.

Talking to the people in both villages, I found out that the Orakians are growing desperate, having repeatedly tried and failed to defeat the Layans. Other tidbits I picked up:

  • A girl was carried into the Layans’ castle (At this point, I remembered “Oh yeah, I started this adventure when my bride-to-be was kidnapped…”)
  • Monsters come out of the fountain in the Layans’ village (It turns out there is a dungeon in that fountain, hence “Now I’m in a fountain.”)
  • Layans look like Orakians (I’m now more certain than ever that Lyle is probably Layan. Funny how he mentioned how we would take the ship to “his homeland”, but never specified what “his homeland” was.)
  • Orakians eat people (This being the first I’ve heard of my cannibalistic tendencies, I’m fairly certain this is just Layan lies and propaganda.)

The other thing that the Layan village had was more cool weapons, especially the Ceramic Shot for Wren. Suffice to say that being able to hit entire rows of enemies is pretty nice.

I’m liking the game a lot more than I thought I would, although part of this may be that I’m trying to play the game like I warped back to 1991–making my own maps, not using a FAQ, etc. The side effect of making my own maps is that I tend to have to make multiple trips into the dungeons–which, for the most part, eliminates any outright “grinding” I may need to do.


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