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This song isn’t really “about” anything. More than anything else, it’s a parody of some of the ultra-heavy forms of metal whose names I don’t know because I’m not a member “of the scene”. Fans of these various genres will tell you that the music is very technically demanding, takes a lot of skill, etc. But the fact is that most people hear one chord being played over and over and ultra fast speed within these songs (Which, as I learned, is a lot harder than it sounds!).

The lyrics are basically the opposite of the conventional metal “BLORG KILL DEATH HATE” stereotype that people associate with the genre. I thought it would be funny to effectively turn the stereotype on its head.

Yes, I’m aware that everything sounds like crap on this song–the guitar falls behind the beat, the bass isn’t in sync with the guitar at all, and I’m not a particularly good screamer (Incidentally, I would probably have sounded a lot better had I opted to embrace the typical “Cookie Monster” vocals; I have a low enough voice that I can do that without much trouble). I don’t particularly care because 1. It adds to the parody element, and 2. Apparently not caring about your mix/production is tr00. Again, I wouldn’t know.

Final note: Actually playing one chord ultra-fast is, as I said, a lot harder than it sounds. In the process of recording this, I gained a lot of respect for bands that actually do this track in and track out.



Come into my land of flowers
Come into my land of puppies
Come into my land of sunshine
Come into my land of rainbows

We can all be friends here
We can all be friends here
We can all be friends here
We can all be friends here

This is a world where happiness reigns
A world of harmony
If you’re depressed, then just get out
Because there is no room for your kind here

We will all be friends here
We will all be friends here
We will all be friends here
We will all be friends here

This is a place that’s free from pain
And mindless teenage angst
A land of smiles, and gleeful eyes
For we eradicate anger, rage and scorn

We are all friends here
We are all friends here
We are all friends here
We are all friends here


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    […] a new song, mainly pre-recording the drum part for it. The song will be along the lines of “u1tr4-br00t41-m3t41-50n6” in terms of irreverence, but I do take the musical aspect a lot more seriously this time. On […]

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