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May 05

What Is My Stream?

Just some idle musings about my stream, and “what it is”. In an objective sense, I stream RPGs. I alternate JRPGs and dungeon-crawlers, selected by polls of my viewers/fans from lists of 3 to 4 of each. For the most part, these are games I’ve never beaten before, although that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. These …

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Dec 23

The Twitch.TV 2000-Follower Special Poll!

As of this writing, I have 1908 followers on my Twitch.TV page. That means, much like I did for the 1000-follower threshold, it’s time to make a poll for what I should play for the 2000-follower special. Since I’m not going to Awesome Games Done Quick this year, and since I’m starting farther out than …

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Apr 06

Creating a PayPal Donation Button on Twitch.TV- The Update

Recently, Twitch.TV switched to a new layout that utilizes a language called Markdown in lieu of HTML. What this means is that my previous post on this topic is now outdated. I’ll leave it up for archival purposes, but obviously some things have changed with Twitch’s newest update. Note that this update applies only to …

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Jan 03

A New Poll for the New Year

As I write this, I have 955 Twitch.tv followers. What this means is that it’s time to start thinking about what I want to do for a thousand-follower appreciation stream. I have a number of options, and you can vote for up to three. I figure the top three or four vote-getters will win the …

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Aug 19

Somehow, I’m Still Alive

Okay, that was a little bit dramatic. I know I haven’t updated in quite awhile. Let’s see if we can rectify that. Since moving into the new condo, and finally (more or less) finishing moving in, I’ve been trying to do three streams a week. The Tuesday night streams, at present, are trying to knock …

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Apr 04

Creating a PayPal Donation Button on Justin.TV/Twitch.TV

NOTE 4/6/13: Twitch.TV has since changed their layout. I’ve kept the original post behind the “Read more” link, for archival purposes, but you’ll want to go here for actual current instructions.

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Feb 26

I Lied.

Since Awesome Games Done Quick 2012, I’ve taken to streaming stuff on Twitch TV. Yes, I know I previously said that I was done with streaming. The post title says everything. Truthfully, most of Twitch.TV’s issues are still there, particularly the chat not loading at random points. But one of the big things that changed …

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Nov 10

Washing Away the Stream

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice the link to my uStream account is gone. This is actually kind of a sign of how badly neglected this place is, since I had been using Twitch/Justin.tv to stream for the past several months. But I decided earlier today that I was done. Done with streaming. Done with watching streams. …

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