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Aug 23

Thoughts on Streaming Speedruns, and *GDQs

These are some thoughts that I had about streaming and the Games Done Quick marathons. On Streaming As A Skill I tend to lurk, and occasionally post on, the Twitch subreddit. A common question for awhile was “How do I get a bigger viewership?” or “What are some games I can play that can get …

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Dec 20

Speedrun Races Ahoy!

Speed Runs Live. The page doesn’t really explain where to find this. Basically, you need An IRC Client such as mIRC, or the one I use, LeafChat. You use it to connect to the IRC server mentioned at the first link, and join the #speedrunslive channel. From there, it’s just a matter of finding the …

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Jul 11

The Rash is Dead; Long Live the Rash

Those of you who aren’t familiar with your old school video games are no doubt wondering if I’ve come down with some terrible disease. Those of you who are familiar with them know that “Rash” refers to the first player’s character in the original Battletoads, and may actually know me (Especially if you were at …

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May 14

It Is A Good Wednesday.

Yes indeed it is. First of all, my Astyanax speedrun has finally been posted to SDA. Further, the traffic I got from there made today one of my biggest days ever in terms of traffic (There’s a link to the site at the bottom of the comments). I guess the audience for speedruns is actually …

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Apr 28

Slowly Making Progress on Stuff

Work slowly continues on The Six Day Exile. This time it was properly fading clips into one another to, if not eliminate the annoying pops that come when one clip crashes into another, at least conceal it enough that you won’t notice. I’m also trying to work with a program called Jashaka to ultimately get …

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Apr 26

They See Me Runnin

A bit of speedrun news: my Astyanax run is finally in the verification process at SDA. And it only took four months, compared to the nine months or so for my Magic of Scheherazade run to get verifiers… I’ve also pretty well decided that M.C. Kids (And given a choice between a link to the …

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